Professional Head Shots Indianapolis | Rhonda

Some of the first professional photography work that I ever did was when I had been studying photography in California.  Living in the L.A. area allowed me quite a bit of opportunities taking head shots for actors, models, and Hollywood professionals.   Although head shots are not the most popular session (especially being in Indianapolis) they are still important for those who need them and I am happy to take them!

This is Rhonda, who contacted me to take professional shots for her LinkedIn account and to freshen up her resume and update her social media portraits.  This is such an important factor that people forget about  –  a great pictures says a lot and the first and last thing that they see and remember!



indianapolis headshots IMG_9366-149 IMG_9387-170 IMG_9404-187 IMG_9443-226 IMG_9422-205 IMG_9437-220 IMG_9388-171 IMG_9392-175

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